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Ready for Raiding!

by Ackzter, 248 days ago

Yesterday was great first step for Rhythm into the world of end-game raiding. Everything went beyond expectations and we managed to down five bosses on our first raid. Everything went smoothly up to Kilrogg, who took us a couble of tries to down because people were new to the mecanics, but once we got it down it was a cake walk. Good job everyone and congratulations to everyone who recieved loot.

We are well on our way to be a good raiding guild in Legion.



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Welcome to Rhythm!

by Ackzter, 257 days ago

Welcome to Rhythm!

Rhythm is an active and social end game PvE guild on Twisting Nether - EU. We strive to compete and progress through end game content whilst having fun doing it.

Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursdag between 19:45 and 23:00 CET (Server time). The reason we only have two set raid days is because we all have jobs, we all have obligations outside the world of Azeroth. That beeing said, If we feel like it and our members are up for it, additional raid times might be temporarily added.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our management (Ceeyay, Nithie & Scrubie)

Hope you enjoy your stay, we certainly enjoyed your visit.

All the best!

-Rhythm management

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